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An unusual aperitif that was banned for a number of years in its native France, Absinthe is a well known high alcohol content spirit, made famous with its connection with one of the world’s greatest surrealist painters of the 20th Century, Vincent Van Gogh, who advertently severed his own ear whilst intoxicated by this formidable and quite potent and captivating choice of beverage.

Distinctly recognised by its emerald green colour, here at Capital Drinks we take every ounce of our experience to locate and stock a great choice of fine examples to offer to our clients and customers, offering the guarantee that we can provide you with the exact alcoholic spirits to suit your demands.

Absinthe Dabel / 50cl
This is the Devils absinthe and like others is a drink surrounded by myths and intrigue. Its mysterious quality is based on an ancient recipe that inspired... More

Absinthe Des Alpes Montania / 70cl
Apparently this is the only absinthe from the Alps in Montania is a gold medal winner from the 2004 Absinthiades awards. Liqueur Aux... More

Czech Sebor Absinth / 50cl
In stock
Czech Sebor Absinth / 50cl / 55% With Wormwood

Dedo Absinthe / 20cl
In stock
Nicola Pallini a grower of Star Anise and Artemisia absinthium plants got his artisitics inspirations for this Absinthe from Amedeo Modigliani and named it... More

Hapsburg Absinthe Amere Extra Strong / 50cl
In stock
Hapsburg Absinthe Amere Extra Strong / 50cl / 79%

Hapsburg Absinthe For Cocktails / 50cl
In stock
Hapsburg Absinthe For Cocktails / 50cl / 69%

Hapsburg Absinthe Premium Reserve / 50cl
In stock
Hapsburg Absinthe Premium Reserve Extra Special Super Strength

Hapsburg Absinthe Super Deluxe / 50cl
In stock
Hapsburg Absinthe Super Deluxe / 50cl / 85%

Hapsburg Absinthe Traditional / 50cl
In stock
Hapsburg Absinthe Traditional / 50cl / 72.5%

Hapsburg Red Absinthe 69 / 50cl
In stock
Hapsburg Red Absinthe 69 / 50cl / 69%

Kubler Absinthe Gift Set / 50cl
£57.46   £44.99
Kubler Absinthe Gift Set (1 Kubler Absinthe bottle + 2 glasses + absinthe spoon) - Absinthe Kubler is a distillate of Grande Absinthe (wormwood) grown in... More

La Fee Absinthe Parisienne 45% / 70cl
In stock
This La Fee Absinthe is a shooter strength French spirit, based on the original 19th century recipe authenticated by Marie-Claude Delahaye, world-renowned... More

La Fee Envy NV / 70cl
In stock
LaFee Envy NV Absinthe - The green eyed monster. Pure Envy - served straight up Mixed Envy - A measure with lemonade, ginger ale or your... More

Pere Kermann's Absinthe / 70cl
In stock
Pere Kermanns Absinthe Spirit with absinth plant abstracts

Premium Trenet Absinthe / 70cl
In stock
Premium Trenet Absinthe - This delicious bitter emerald green spirit with its distinctive spicy herbal taste (infusion or wormwood Artemisia absinthium) will... More

Trenet Eiffel Tower Paris Absinthe / 50cl
A brilliant idea from Trenet bottling this absinthe in a glass Eiffel Tower of Paris. This absinthe is produced and bottled in France and is another... More

Versinthe La Blanche Absinthe / 50cl
Versinthe La Blanche Absinthe is presented in a clear bottle with silver presentation inline with its crystal clear and distilled preparation. This new... More