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Brandy is an alcoholic spirit made from distilled wine, with an 35%–60% alcohol content and is traditionally consumed after-dinner. There are three main categories of brandy and these include fruit brandy, grape brandy and pomace brandy.

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Asbach - German / 70cl
In stock
Asbach is a brandy from Germany that has a deep amber colour with a fruity flavour along with aromas of grape and oak.

Delour Napoleon - French / 70cl
In stock
Delour Napoleon - French, Brandy / 70cl / 36%

Metaxa Amphora / 70cl
In stock
Metaxa Amphora is produced using fine spirits, muscat wines and some secret ingredients for this Greek style drink. Metaxa Amphora is a delicious brandy... More

Prava Slivovice / 70cl
Prava Slivovice is a premium Czech brandy made from 100% ripe plums to give you a strong 50% spirit rich in fragrance.

Torres Jamie 1 / 70cl
In stock
Presented in a unique twisted glass bottle, Torres Jamie 1 brandy has a rich dark golden colour with an equally rich palate displaying coconut, fruits and... More

Xante / 50cl
In stock
Xante brandy displays sweetness of ripe pears and intensity making a delicous spirit from Sweden.