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Cachaça is an alcoholic drink produced from fermented sugarcane juice identifying it sepearte from rum which is made from molases extracted from sugarcane. Cachaça is the most popular distilled alcoholic spirit in Brazil and is also known by other names such as aguardente (aguardiente), pinga and caninha.

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Boca Loca Cachaça / 70cl
Boca Loca Cachaca is smooth, full bodied and fragrant with subtle floral notes mingled with melon, honey and a distinctively sweet pure sugar cane finish,... More

Boca Loca Cachaça Maracujá (Passionfruit) / 70cl
Boca Loca Cachaça Maracujá (Passionfruit) is smooth, full bodied and fragrant with subtle floral notes mingled with melon, honey and a distinctively sweet... More

Cachaca 51 / 70cl
In stock
Cachaca 51 is the most traditiona brand from Brazil, the market leader for many decades and also one of the worlds best selling spirit Cachaca. ... More

Germana Cachaca 2 Year Old / 70cl
In stock
Germana Cachaca 2 Year Old is aged for two years in oak after distillation, this is a really enjoyable cachaça. The bottle is uniquely presented by covering... More

Minimum quantity for "Germana Cachaca 2 Year Old / 70cl" is in multiples of 12 bottles.

Mangaroca Cachaca / 70cl
Mangaroca Cachaca - made from the juice of sugar-cane, Cachaca is the classical basis for the most famous Brazilian drinks: Caipirinha. Caipirinha... More

Sagatiba Pura Cachaca / 70cl
In stock
Sagatiba Pura Cachaca - It complies with rigorous multi-distillation quality standards while maintaining its smooth taste and a fresh, stimulating bouquet.

Sagatiba Velha Cachaca / 70cl
In stock
Sagatiba Velha cachaca is a brilliant cachaca spirit aged in oak barrels to calm the flavours and get a smooth texture. Blend with your cocktail recipe or...

Ypioca Cachaca Crystal / 70cl
Ypioca Cachaca Crystal - This drink is known as the Father of Brazillian Cachaca and has been family operated since 1846. This tasty drinks is brought to... More