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Vodka - Buy Vodka Brands Online: Capital Drinks
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Derived from the distillation of fermented grains, potatoes and in some instances fruit, primarily across the Eastern European ‘Vodka Belt’ this extremely popular drink can be found in many guises, with a range of defined tastes depending on the country of origin.

One of the most popular if not the staple alcoholic spirit for many of these Eastern European countries including Russia, Lithuania, Polish and other countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, Vodka has been a truly fascinating and exceptional spirit since being first recorded at the beginning of the 15th Century (1400’s).

Here at Capital Drinks it is our pleasure to bestow unto you a selection of superior vodkas from dedicated suppliers and look forward to serving your needs and requirements today.

Kerenski Chocolate Liqueur / 70cl
Kerenski is a chocolate flavoured vodka that was launched in 2004 to the highest standard.  The russian vodka is three times distilled for extra... More

Nemiroff Ukrainian Honey Pepper Vodka / 70cl
Nemiroff Ukrainian Honey Pepper Flavoured Vodka - This premium vodka has been generously flavoured with honey and pepper in accordance with traditiona...

Smirnoff Black Label Vodka / 70cl
This is an elite Smirnoff vodka that has been pot-distilled and filtered using seven tons of charcoal. With this enormous effort of this production process... More