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Buy Aperitifs & Bitters Online Including: Pastis, Sake, Umeshu & Shochu
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Aperitifs & Bitters

Buy high quality aperitifs & bitters including: Pastis, Sake, Umeshu & Shochu

Both Apéritifs and bitters are alcoholic beverages that are usually served with meals and their purposes are explaind as follows: 

- Aperitifs are usually served at the beginning of a meal to stimulate appetite

- Bitters are used as digetifs usually served at the end of a meal to help with digestion of food.

- Pastis is an anise flavored liqueur which is considered to be an aperitif with its origins in France

- Sake is a rice based Japanese alcoholic beverage

- Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made from ume fruits

- Shochu is a Japanese style of distilled beverage


Choya Sake / 72cl
In stock
Choya Sake For over 1000 years, sake has been produced from rice, grown in the Nara region of western Japan and slowly fermented with special 'Koji' rice... More

Hakutsuru Sake / 72cl
In stock
Hakutsuru Sake - uses only carefully selected large grain rice and water of the highest quality from Kobe's Nada district to produce this excellent Sake...

Kummel Wolfschmidt / 50cl
In stock
Kummel Wolfschmidt - produced in England to the original Danish recipe of this drink that features a strong, uplifting array of aromas of aniseed, liquorice... More

Pimms No.1 / 70cl
In stock
Pimms No 1 is a famous British drink that has a gin base ideal for drinking on the rocks or as part of a cocktail recipe. Pimms is a reddish in colour... More

Red Label Aperitif Wine / 70cl
In stock
Red Label Jamaican Aperitif - In Jamaica this product is called Red Label Wine and is the country's biggest selling wine. Manufactured and bottled in... More