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Core Liqueurs

This is a list of our core liqueurs that are required by any serious cocktail mixologist.

Alize Bleu / 70cl
In stock
Alize Bleu is a delicious mix of vodka with Alize VS Cognac creating an magical fusion that will give you flavours of passion... More

Bacardi Apple / 70cl
£24.99   £19.99
Bacardi Apple has a clear flavour of succulent, delicious apples.  The Bacardi family obtain only the finest apples to combine with their... More

Gran Control de Guarda Pisco / 70cl
Guarda Pisco is a liqueur that has been aged, fermented and distilled using Muscatel grapes.  This drink is ideal as a dinner starter... More

Grand Marnier Cherry / 70cl
In stock
Grand Marnier Cherry is exclusively made from Morello cherries giving this French liqueur a deep red ink colour and a nose of deep cherry, almond and spice... More

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge / 70cl
In stock
Grand Marnier is an exciting French liqueur since it is has a Cognac base giving you a concentrated and smooth taste along with a delicious orange colour.

Passoa Remy / 1lt
In stock
Passoa Remy liqueur is a rich flavoured drink from Central America with sweet and fruity flavours including passion fruit and citrus making it ideal to make...

Poitin 50 / 70cl
Poitin is an Irish liqueur that got it's name because it used to be distilled in small pots.