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Welcome to Capital Drinks

Capital Drinks is an online wine shop and alcoholic drinks seller to the UK of delicious boutique wines, mainstream wine, classy Champagnes, fiz, port wine, sherry, madeira wine, alcoholic spirits, whisky and liqueurs for your tasting pleasure.

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Wines – Wine

Welcome to Capital Drinks, the leading online website dedicated to supplying the connoisseurs of Great Britain with a superior selection of white, red and rose wines from the finest vineyards in the world. Here you can discover a stunning collection of fine examples that are available to purchase by the bottle or by the case if you so desire.

Our professional knowledge, experience, connections and resources have enabled us to present a diverse selection of truly terrific array of both award winning wines and special reserve restaurant standard wine examples that will cater to even the most demanding tastes and needs. In any event the experts here at Capital Drinks are amongst the best in sourcing fine wine to suit an array of palettes.

Whatever your desires or individual needs may be, you can rest assured that our various white, red and rose selections will offer a wonderful opportunity to taste a truly brilliant and exceptional range of aperitifs and table wines that can be best served with meat, fish, poultry or as a relaxing moment by themselves.

Feel free to view the wide selection of excellent wine varieties listed here today and if you are perhaps searching for something in particular, one call to our expert team could provide the perfect answer for you.


Buy wine online - Red wine - White wine - Rose wine

When choosing to buy wine online there is a massive array of places to find wines of varying rarity and popularity on the internet, such as here at Capital Drinks. Featuring a broad selection of wines to suit all tastes and requirements you can easily see why we operate as one of the leading stockists of fine wines and additional spirits.

We offer a terrific selection of wines with our red wine varieties featuring a assortment of Tempranillo, Rioja, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz examples to our Mosel Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and many other delicate white wine assortments. In addition to our red wine and white wine selections we also list a wonderful array of rose wine offering a perfect balance between the two for those with a palette for distinctive and quality aromas and tastes.

Taking your wine experiences to new levels, here at Capital Drinks we understand the importance in sourcing the best options for you when choosing to buy wine online and make our selections as unique and individualised as possible. A professional and well established online marketplace where you can find a myriad of bespoke and high quality wines of all descriptions; discover a wide and diverse range of fantastic white, red and rose wine here today.

Ordering your desired purchases is done quickly and without any hassle, thanks to the professional and courteous nature of our team, assisting you wherever necessary in sourcing the perfect wines to complement your wishes for quality wines and alcoholic beverages.


Sparkling wine - Sweet wine - French wine - Port wine - Sherry wine - Fortified wines

Here at Capital Drinks we stock a wide and detailed variety of fine wines, spirits and aperitifs for customers across the UK and further. Featuring a fantastic selection of sparkling wine to suit the individual palettes of thousands of individuals, our ethos is to present the perfect opportunities to purchase great additions to your collection.

Ranging from sweet wine in reds and whites to a plethora of delectable French wine varieties, you can be guaranteed to find a truly amazing selection of excellent examples to complement a range of main courses, desserts or simply to enjoy on their own. Within our wide choice of high quality aperitifs, the port wine assortments are extraordinary, producing a fabulous and aromatic nose and smooth silky texture that is most enjoyable.

Also listing an array of sherry wine and a number of fortified wines, Capital Drinks search for the best varieties and present them to you in an easy to use online catalogue, offering a rich and diverse arrangement of some of the best examples available. Taking a moment to view our available stock, we are happy to present first class purchases of your favourite wine varieties, whatever your tastes and requests are.

Featuring a range of award winning sparkling wine in white, rose or red, Capital Drinks are professional and highly experienced in selecting the best from a continually updated selection of terrific recent and aged wines and offer a competitive purchasing solution for repeat customers as well as new clients. Listing a wide collection of sweet wine examples, from Muscat’s to Port wine, you can easily find the ideal supplement to your drinks cabinet with professionals such as ourselves here at Capital Drinks.

Whatever wine you are actively searching for, be it a fortified wine or sherry wine for culinary purposes or to enjoy with desserts or on their own, we have the professional resources to assist you and can provide a swift and recommendable service to anyone wishing to purchase good quality wines and spirits today. Discover our exceptional ranges today and let us educate you on the many examples now available.